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Why KO?

Knockouts Haircuts and Grooming is strategically positioned in the market to reach the fast-growing demographic of men ages 22 to 55 seeking total self-care and personal grooming. Going beyond just a haircut, Knockouts is for the guy who is ready to take care of his beard, brows, back hair, and more. Intentionally designing our facilities with an approachable sports bar environment is part of the brand's genius, as it lowers the barrier to entry for any guy who may be early in developing his self-care ritual. Free beer and beverages are also complimentary to our model and entice new clients who feel out of place or intimidated by pompous club salons with heafty membership fees. Knockouts strikes the perfect balance for a massive majority of men seeking to elevate their style and go beyond just a haircut.

Don't know the first thing about construction? Don't sweat. Our seasoned construction team has built out over fifty locations nationwide, from new builds to retrofit interiors. Our salons offer a turnkey design, and your planning and implementation are led by a construction project manager who regularly reports on the site plan and progress to you and our corporate team. Our head of construction personally attends onsite inspections and project milestones to check and verify project outcomes for you.


Our Corporate Training Team are the best in the business, with over 20 years of experience behind the chair. Our Training Team flies out onsite to meet your Manager and Stylists for in-person coaching. You don't have to know a thing about hair, our staff will make sure your staff is highly skilled and ready to deliver The Knockouts Experience to every client who walks through your doors from day one. And of course, our Corporate Training Team will coach you individually on the day-to-day salon operations so you feel ready to hit the ground running. 


We've developed a strong brand with a dedicated following. We keep our message and visual identity consistent by assisting you with our marketing partners who execute day-to-day social media efforts, email newsletters, SMS campaigns, national promotions, grand opening strategy, influencer relationships, in-store graphics, PR, and more. This allows you and your team to focus on delivering solid operations and giving every guest The Knockouts Experience. 


We believe in "work hard, play hard," and we strive to attract operators who are proud to be the best at their respective businesses and simultaneously the best team players and collaborators. Our operators are great entrepreneurs and great humans, and you'll be supported by every franchisee who has come before you on our quarterly franchise-wide team calls and our annual in-person summit. 

People & Culture

We have a proven operational playbook and are ready to coach and train you on making your salons a massive success. We've streamlined our suppliers, negotiated competitive rates, and prioritized our franchisees' success in every facet of operational decision-making.  We've found success in our model and we're ready to coach and train you on executing our proven plan.


Seeking Operators

Opportunities are available in existing and first-to-market states, with great sites available! 

Financial Requirements




$50,000 - $150, 000




A Note from the Owners

Hey there Future Franchisee,

We're Matt Merrill and David Hadley, the guys behind Knockouts Haircuts and Grooming. As you think about joining our team, we want to share what makes Knockouts a pretty awesome place to be - both for you and your future employees.

First up, we're not just owners; we're franchisees too. We've been in your shoes, faced the same challenges, and celebrated the wins. This means we've got your back, with real, hands-on advice and support every step of the way.

Our Vibe: Knockouts is all about that perfect mix of entrepreneurial drive and team spirit. We've built a place where everyone – from our crew to our clients – feels right at home. It’s not just a haircut spot; it's a community.

Top-Notch Services: We're more than your average salon or barbershop franchise. With services like haircuts, shaves, grooming, and even neck massages, facials, and waxing, we offer an experience that keeps guys coming back for more. It's this special touch that sets us apart and keeps our chairs full.

Training That Rocks: We seriously invest in our crew. Our training isn't just about cutting hair; it's about building skills in customer service and business intelligence. This way, our team grows with us, and they're pumped to deliver the best experience for our clients.

Marketing Magic: Staying fresh and relevant is key. We're all about creative marketing that speaks to our audience and keeps Knockouts in the spotlight. This means more eyes on you and a steady stream of clients walking through your door.

Support You Can Count On: From picking the perfect location to marketing your shop, we're with you all the way. Our team is stacked with pros who are ready to help you nail it.

Financial: Our business model is a well-oiled machine designed to make the most of your investment. We focus on keeping things running smoothly and profitably so you can reap the rewards of your hard work.

Jumping into a franchise is a big move, we get it. We took a huge leap of faith ourselves after becoming successful franchisees and acquired Knockouts Haircuts and Grooming with a dream to make something folks would love – a place where our team is proud to work and our clients can’t wait to visit. If you're up for the ride, we'd love to chat more and maybe welcome you to our Knockouts team.


Matt Merrill & David Hadley 


Knockouts Haircuts & Grooming

Interested In

Franchising With Us?

Our Grand Opening strategy will ensure a successful Friends & Family Day that transitions into a magical Grand Opening Event! From press releases to sourcing Influencers to digital ad campaigns, we'll ensure the whole town knows Knockouts is here. We can't wait to cut the ribbon with you!

Grand Opening
5000 Rogers Ave Suite 401

Fort Smith, AR 72903

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Our advanced market research team is seasoned in helping you during the site selection process. We'll give you clear visibility into your market by providing advanced research and live map models that show everything from walkability scores, live traffic counts, income profiles, demographic information, competitor business locations, school districts, community zoning, and even parking meter locations. There's nothing we won't know about the region you are opening in, allowing you to compare leases with clarity.

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